About Fuller's Sugarhouse

Fuller’s Sugarhouse is a family-owned and operated business established in 1972. It is owned by Dave & Patti Fuller. The staff includes Dave's brother, Edward and son David Jr. Dave's parent's Albert & Gloria, and grandchildren, Alicia & Isaac all help out as well.

The state-of-the-art sugarhouse incorporates maple production, packaging and sales - all in one building.

We presently tap maple trees in four "sugar bushes" or "maple groves" in the Lancaster area. Each spring we tap more than 10,500 maple trees, boil down over 174,000 gallons of maple sap to produce over 4,000 gallons of maple syrup. Sap is collected by a plastic tubing system and hauled to the sugarhouse where it is boiled to golden smooth syrup.

With the combination of high quality and down home family service, you will find it pure sweetness dealing with Fuller’s Sugarhouse.

best maple syrup in america award

Judged as "Best Maple Syrup in New Hampshire"

Fuller's was judged as "The Best Maple Syrup Producer in New Hampshire" - January 2002.

Fuller's was judged as "Best Maple Syrup in North America" by the North American Maple Syrup Council - October 2002.

Fuller's received the First Place Award for pure maple candy & pure maple cream - October 2002.


2006 - Gourmet Magazine lists Fuller's Sugarhouse as one of the top ten!

2005 - John Clayton of the Manchester Union Leader says,
"This family's Fuller Maple Magic!"

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