Grade C Maple Syrup

 Grade C Maple Syrup is no longer used by USDA. Grade C Maple Syrup is now designated USDA Grade B Maple Syrup.  

Grade B maple syrup is made towards the end of the sugaring season as the weather warms toward spring and the maple trees end their winter dormancy. Grade B maple syrup is much darker in color and has a strong robust flavor which makes it more suitable for flavoring and cooking. It is thought that this late season syrup contains more minerals than the other grades of maple syrup. The Maple Syrup Lemon Cayenne Diet requires Grade B maple syrup because of its mineral content. 

There is one grade of maple syrup not commonly known to, or sold to, the retail buying public. Maple syrup Grade C (commercial) is sold only in bulk (40 gallon barrels) to industrial producers of maple flavored products. Any food product claiming to be flavored with real maple syrup, ie: maple flavored bacon, hot and cold maple flavored cereal, imitation “maple” syrup etc., will use commercial grade syrup as an additional additive for flavoring. 

Grade C (commercial) is the last syrup made during the sugaring season. It is very dark and may have an off taste, a burnt taste or even be fermented. Although some grade C maple syrup may have a good flavor, it is not to be repackaged in retail containers.
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