Maple Syrup Equipment

maple syrup leaf

 Fuller’s Sugarhouse is a dealer of Maple Syrup Equipment and works with many manufacturers. We work with Leader Evaporator Company, Lapierre USA, Maple Pro, and Dominion & Grimm Inc. to supply Maple Syrup Equipment to local maple syrup producers. If you need spouts, fittings, saddles, tubing or main line pipe we can help you. Looking for plastic jugs or decorative glass to pack your pure maple syrup? We can do that. Tired of filling bottles by hand? Want an easier way to fill plastic jugs? We can supply you with a water jacket canning tank. If it has to do with maple syrup production and packaging we are here to assist you. 

We work closely with the manufacturers to get the items that you need. We stock a lot of the small items including main line and tubing and can order larger pieces. Please call us at 877-788-2719 or e-mail us at with any questions,  inquiries or just to get a catalog.  We ship via FedEx.

Looking for used maple syrup equipment?

We work with all the major maple sugaring equipment manufacturers and a lot of the time they will take used maple syrup equipment in when they sell new pieces. If you are looking to get started making maple syrup or want to update your current equipment but do not want to invest in new equipment, chances are good that we can locate used at a considerable savings. Looking for used evaporators, used reverse osmosis machines, used buckets and spouts, used storage tanks or used steam-a-ways?------give us a call with the items that you want and we will search the markets for you.

One word of warning- please start your search early in the year. As we get closer to the next sugaring season the availability of used maple syrup equipment gets very low. These items tend to get purchased very quickly.

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