Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup in Traditional Plastic Jugs

100% pure New Hampshire maple syrup packaged in traditional plastic jugs. Choose from gallons, half-gallons, quarts, pints and half pints.

Transitioning to the New Grading System

Pure Maple Syrup is graded based on color and taste. The maple industry is uniting as one to help customers purchase the syrup they love no matter where they are in the United States or Canada by all maple producers now calling their syrup grades by exactly the same name. This change over may take a little while, but in the end we feel that it will benefit both the customer as well as the producer and retailer. As we go through 2015 we will be supplying maple syrup from both grading systems. Once we have sold out of our remaining containers that were labeled in 2014 we will transition over to the new grading system. Listed below are descriptions for both grading systems.

Grading system prior to 2015 remains as follows:
  • Light Amber is very light in color and has a smooth and delicate flavor. We feel it captures the very essence of the maple tree - A Fuller Sugarhouse Family Favorite.

  • Medium Amber is slightly darker in color and has a bit more pronounced maple flavor, which is both rich and smooth.

  • Dark Amber is even darker in color, with a very pronounced maple flavor that some people desire.

  • Grade B is the darkest in color with strong maple flavor, predominantly used for cooking but many just love all that flavor on their pancakes.
Here is the new grading system and what it means to you:
  • US Grade A Light Amber will now be called US Grade A Golden - Delicate Taste.
  • US Grade A Medium Amber and US Grade A Dark Amber will basically become one grade and will now be called US Grade A Amber - Rich Taste.
  • Grade B will now be called US Grade A Dark - Robust Taste.

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New Hampshire Maple Syrup in Traditional Jugs

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