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4 Pure Maple Sugar Recipes

Cooking and baking with Fuller’s maple sugar is an easy and unique way to experience the flavor of pure maple.  Many enjoy adding maple sugar as a sweetener to coffee, a topping on homemade pretzels, or sprinkled over fresh fruit – but it’s incredibly simple to utilize this product in other ways.

Maple sugar is a 1:1 replacement for recipes featuring brown or white sugar, and with a lower glycemic index than refined sugars, maple won’t lead to spikes of blood sugar. Plus, it’s gluten and top-allergen free!

We have pulled together some great maple sugar recipes to help you explore the possibilities of this sweet, golden, all-natural sugar. Purchase a bottle for yourself and try one of our recipes below.

Blueberry Maple Scones

Fuller’s maple sugar pairs great with blueberries – a summer fruit staple! Try this recipe for a light, flaky, flavorful treat for breakfast or dessert.

Maple Country Style Ribs

Fire up the grill and try out these Maple Country Style Ribs which are tender and full of flavor.  Once cooked, serve alongside Fuller’s Maple BBQ Sauce for a delicious summer dinner.

Maple Fruit Leather

Maple Fruit Leather is the perfect snack to pack in school lunchboxes.  Store in an airtight container for up to a month and enjoy this sticky, fun snack.

Maple Roasted Peach & Yogurt Popsicles

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this sweet and healthy treat on a warm summer day. Filled with juicy, natural flavor, you might just have to go back to the freezer for a second!