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Easter Favorites Made with Maple

It’s time to start planning your Easter menu. This year, try adding the flavors of Fuller’s pure NH maple to your favorite dishes. From basting spiraled ham to marinating vegetables, baking into desserts, or crafting up a refreshing beverage, pure maple is a delicious and natural sweetener.

Whether you’re cooking at home or bringing a dish over to a relatives, impress your guests with one of these tasty recipes – or click here to view our entire Recipe Collection.


Maple Spiraled Ham
Spiraled ham is the star of the show on Easter! Sweeten up your main dish with a bit of Fuller’s pure maple. Baste before cooking and throughout for the best flavor.

glazed carrots

Maple Glazed Carrots
These Maple Glazed Carrots might become the star of the show! Sautee on low-heat in a buttery-maple glaze and cook until fork tender.

maple roasted asparagus

Maple Roasted Asparagus
Transform the flavor of your asparagus with Fuller’s pure maple. Roast the stalks to perfection and enjoy a crunchy bite packed with flavor.

Maple Carrot Cake
After your meal, serve up a slice of Maple Carrot Cake topped with delicious maple cream cheese frosting.  This recipe makes an incredibly moist and fluffy cake that’s full of flavor!